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How They Work

KitchenPack-BeeKeepa-Vintage-FloralBeeKeepa wraps are made to be a reusable and more environmentally sustainable alternative to plastic wrap. In the fridge they can keep items such as cheese and freshly cut produce fresh, they can cover a bowl or plate of left overs or they can be used in a lunchbox or picnic.

BeeKeepa wraps are made with organic cotton, organic beeswax, organic jojoba oil and natural resin.

They are malleable and easily fold and wrap to cover items. They are not suitable for liquids, as they are not airtight. They are not suitable for raw meat as they cannot be washed in hot water. Items with strong pigments (such as beetroot) may stain lighter fabrics.

When new, the wraps tend to have an extra tackinesss due to the texture created from brushing on the coating. This does diminish with cleaning and use as the wrap softens and it’s then that the warmth of your hands becomes an important factor in ‘activating’ the wraps. You can warm the wraps up by rubbing them between your hands.

The wraps stick best when there is a good overlapping of the fabric and when you’re wrapping them around a bowl, for example, you may need to hold them for a few moments with a bit of pressure to help transfer the heat from your hands to the wrap, especially if the plate or bowl is cold. Remember that they are a natural product and will change with use. Crinkles and creases are a normal part of the ageing process and do not affect the use of the wrap unless it creates a deep crease and the coating cracks which is when they need to be replaced.

To clean they can be rinsed in cool water and wiped with a soft cloth, with a little mild detergent if needed, and left to air dry before storing flat in a drawer. Once they are ready to be retired, they can be added to the compost bin for complete no-waste recycling.

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