Beekeepa Trinket Tray - Green and Gelato Confetti


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Modern, stylish and contemporary - Beekeepa home décor trinket trays, are beautiful yet understated, and make the perfect, considered handmade gift.

Measuring 18 x 9.5cm, our trinket trays are perfect to keep your glasses, keys, watch, cosmetics and bits n bobs.

Our beautiful products are all handmade, making them perfectly imperfect and one of a kind and unique.

The process includes a hand tinted, slow pour to ensure a high-quality product, colours may vary slightly from that in the featured image.

Natural imperfections and popped air bubbles on the surface are part of the natural imperfections that make this product unique, adding to its individuality.

The material used to make our products is extremely durable, but prone to scratches. If dropped, or impacted against a hard surface it may chip or break, so please handle with care.

Each item has been sealed but it is not water proof. To clean wipe with a damp cloth and don’t allow water to pool on the surface. Not suitable for the dishwasher or microwave.

Product is made to order, so please allow up to 3 business days.